A Very Kennewick Christmas

Happy Holidays little darlings!

Tomorrow I embark on my journey home to Kennewick, Washington. It will be an epic, 2 week journey filled with laughter, tears and of course, candy cane shakes from Burger Ranch. Am I excited to go home? Well, yes I am.

When I tell most people from Jackson, Wyoming that I am excited to spend almost 2 weeks in the Tri Cities, Washington the normal reaction is “oh, the dry sh*tties?” or, “oh gosh…I’m sorry.” Why must people say this? For some reason, the Tri Cities is some sort of anomaly. You can be from Washtucna, Touchet, Sprague or dare I say it…Benton City (nothing of which, is wrong with these places) and most people say “oh, that’s cool”. But the Tri-Cities? You may as well throw yourself into a ditch for all the negative attention it draws.

WHY is this? Are any other Tri-Citians sick of this ridicule? Yes, Hanford is technically a toxic dump and we may not have the best culinary scene but we do have some gems. Including, but not exclusive to:

  • The home of the original Zips (by the cable Bridge). Boo yes.
  • The highest grossing 7-11 in the country. On Clearwater, what what?!
  • Desserts by Kelly. Perfectly ghetto. Cake nazi owner. What could be better?
  • The boat races. White trash? Yes. But also a great excuse to wear dirty white Old Navy flip-flops with zero shame.
  • Casa Chapala, Chicos and other various taco trucks that beat the snot outta any Mexican food within a 150-mile radius.

Other faves, circa 1997 would have included:

  • Skate West (the site of many school skate nights where I was the awkward tall girl who looked like an alien and didn’t know how to “shoot the duck”.)
  • Sunburst Video. 5 videos for $1 back in the dizzle. Be kind, rewind.
  • The Minute Mart. Ohhhh, the Minute Mart :-).

On a more serious note, the Tri-Cities happens to be booming. The weather is warm. The wine flows like Columbia River and hello, we have a Coach store.

But enough of that. Here’s what been going on in Bry and I’s neck-o-the-woods.

I’ve been baking and cooking some new delights!

Southwest Eggrolls

Mock Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies

Coconut Almond Spice Granola

Bry and I attended an open house for a new store in Jackson called Lucky You. They had hot cider and tons of adorable cookies.

I’ve been busy at work…

Cupcake Apron

Christmas Apron

The folks at Elevated Grounds were so awesome too. Look at the birthday cupcakes I recieved as well as the awesome gifts!

Christmas Basket and Cupcake Jar!

Jackson is so awesome during the Christmas season. But I can’t wait to spend time with my family. Playing shanghai rummy and Balderdash with everyone. Eating mounds of caesar salad. Making bombs-away drinks with Megan and Rachel. Watching Wee Sing Christmas with Amy. Watching my Dad squish his gifts before opening to ensure it isn’t a “soft” present (meaning socks or another clothing item). Having 2 glasses of wine with my Mom and watching her laugh her head off at every You Tube video I play for her. And lastly, Chloe ferociously biting  my hand for trying to pick up my shoe.

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone enjoys this time of year as much as I enjoy wearing blush ;-).


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