Bekah + Matt’s Wedding

Happy Thursday Lovelies!

So in the midst of lots of mediocre posts about Hello Kitty mini-plushes from Albertsons and one-man book clubs, I missed one the most important events this year! One of my besties got MARRIED.

Bekah and Matt met when we were in college, at Whitworth. Bekah and Matt were, get this, lab partners. I know, it’s so freaking cute. They were just friends. And what started out as friendly study sessions turned into something more over the years. The couple now resides in an adorably cute apartment in downtown Seattle. I sound like the chick from House Hunters…anyways – Bekah is a PA and Matt is a PT. They’re smart. They know things.

Anywho- their wedding was on November 4th, 2011 and I was lucky enough to be in attendance. The wedding was at a freaking AMAZING venue and was decorated so beautifully, but most importantly so much like Bekah. They went with a vintage circus, almost Moulin Rouge-ish theme.

Before the wedding, we all dashed across the street and took tequila shots. Because that is smart.

Blurry But You Get It

When we got there, we were welcomed into what I like to call basically a rad party. Bekah was donning a sassy white sequined cocktail dress and everyone was enjoying the southern-inspired appetizers that were being passed around. Hello hushpuppies! Check out this awesome treatment they did above the dance floor:

Vintage Umbrellas

Around 7:30, the party was put on pause for the ceremony. The small-ish crowd formed an aisle for Bekah to walk down. It was so incredible. We all teared up a tad when she walked down the isle with her dad (who I love). Bekah obviously looked gorgeous. Duh, she’s a friend of mine.

Tres Glam

The ceremony was awesome because it was SO different from any other I’ve been to. Basically, we all stood there watching in adoration as Bekah married her bestie. It rocked.


After that we drank some vino and got to it.


Bathroom Pics, Always a Good Idea

Carey's Hubby Chris, This is Totally Normal to Me

Carey Creepily Enjoying Her Popcorn, Again Totally Normal

Whitney also brought along the Flat 4 PHOTO BOOTH! Aka, the other most wonderful time of the year.

Here’s Whit and I…we know how to get down in the photo booth.

Not exactly proud of my face and especially my arms in picture no. 4, but hey, anything for the blog.

All in all, the wedding was perfect.

Did I mention they had mini-doughnuts for dessert? I ate a platter. Don’t tell :-).


3 thoughts on “Bekah + Matt’s Wedding

  1. Angie says:

    Hi Nat-how fun you and your beau have a blog together! love seeing all your girls together. thanks for sharing! I wish I could’ve seen you down a whole tray of the doughnuts. Miss you girls!


  2. Carey says:

    Oh gosh… this is what happens when we don’t have kids around. I don’t mind being the token dorky couple, I guess.
    Loved spending the weekend with you and love, love Bekah’s big day!


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