There’s a Hole in the Bucket

Hello Internets!

Today I’m blogging live, from the Teton County Library.

It’s nice here, I like the click-clack sound this keyboard makes. It makes me feel like a character from “Working Girl”, starring Melody Griffith.

Our internet is down at the homestead :(. And while I kind of like being forced to read my books, I also like the little droplets that rain from the internet cloud…aka…websites and blogs.

I am still working on our Mexico post, so don’t be spectin’ that anytime soon.

In the meantime – I’ve been busy making food items containing pumpkin. Also buying the Iphone 4 in white. Bryan and I attended a fabulous wine-themed Halloween soiree and I’ve been battling a cold. And eating copious amounts of anything that resembles a piece of candy. Even a burned piece of charcoal that I mistook for dark chocolate.

I made a cute face.

All for now!


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