Spencer + Jillian’s Wedding

Howdy chicas!

Btw, I used to start ALL my notes to friends in high school like that. I thought I was like, so cool.

I’m back and better than ever. Or maybe just tanner than ever. But in my book tanner is better so I deem this a win-win.

We actually returned from Mexico last week,  but due to working every day, volleyball practice and baking delicious pumpkin-oatmeal chocolate chip cookies the blog post suddenly became my last priority. The truth hurts.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

The first portion of the trip was a weekend in Seattle. We flew in on a Friday night and enjoyed a deeeelicious dinner cooked lovingly by Bryan’s mom along with vino and dessert. I felt like the Queen of England only tanner and more fabulous. We fell fast asleep that night and awoke the next morning to what else, but rain. Despite the gloom, we managed to pull on our tennie runners and hit the pavement for a quick 2-miler. Bryan alerted me that he could walk as fast as I was running. I think he was just jealous of my glamor-pace.

After showering we headed out to Kirkland to meet up with my mom, sister Megan, Auntie Connie and Aunt Judy for a late breakfast. They were 45 minutes late. They came in the door yelling. Everyone one hugged Bryan instantly. I love my family.

That night we went to Bryan’s “little bro” (frat term) Spencer’s wedding and were lucky enough to attend with awesome friends which made it all the better.

Before the wedding at Bryan's house

I know. I look like a glass of peach iced tea.

The wedding took place at the Annie Wright School in Tacoma. The wedding was held in the school’s chapel and it was really cool and interesting to walk through the halls of this historic school to the chapel. The reception was at the Washington State History Museum. Yes, another educational and interesting venue. It was held in the lobby section of the museum but guests were also welcome to wander through the exhibits.

The Dress Up Exhibit

Coppin a Feelskie

Warming my hands by the "fire"

We ended up finding a table nestled in it’s own little corner where Bryan, Kyle, Melissa and other friends could really drink our hearts out catch up. After the buffet dinner, I anxiously awaited the cake-cutting.

*Note: If I ever attend your wedding and you notice that I am lovingly watching you and your honey slowly cut your wedding cake and happily feed it to one another, know this: I am actually not watching you in adoration. I am thinking “cut that GD cake now and get outta my way so I can get a corner piece. THANKS”. All with a smile on my face.

After housing two pieces a normal serving of wedding cake, it was time for some bubbly and my fave – dancing. Bryan, myself and all his buddies quickly found ourselves on the dance floor so I made sure to snap a pic while I could.

Frat Bros

Bros Fo Life


Needing Lipstick

After one too many glasses of wine and getting my song request rejected by the DJ, I thought it was high-time we skedaddle. Melissa was lovely enough to DD for the evening and I thank her endlessly for giving Bryan and I a lift home.

PS- What kind of DJ doesn’t play “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus?!

The next day we awoke fresh as daisies. Hungover daisies, but still daisies.We went out to Issaquah for lunch to visit more with my mom, sister Megan, Auntie Connie, Cousin Mike and his wife Karen. I like saying “sister Megan” and “cousin mike”. I think I’ve read too many Berenstein Bear books…

My Personal BB Fave

We sat around the table with a smorgasbord of goodies, including my favorite Yiddish treat, boyos. Boyos are kindof like a cheese-cracker except on acid. These babies are highly addicting. I love having Jewish relatives!

After lunch, we headed back to Bryan’s and prepared a pizza as an appetizer for Bryan’s dinner birthday party! Bryan’s mom Mary made champagne chicken and it was to die for. We also had a decadent chocolate dessert and of course, plenty of vino. Not only did Kyle and Melissa join us for dinner, but also LeAnne and Joe and Bry’s real bro, KC. It was a real treat hearing about all the funny stories from WSU and Bryan’s fraternity. Although I’m not a Coug, I feel like an honorary one when I’m around this group.

The next morning we awoke around 4 am to make our 6 am flight to San Diego connecting to Cabo! Yippee! B’s Dad Greg was sweet enough to be our shuttle driver for this trip so we didn’t have to worry about parking.

After getting through security we settled down to enjoy my favorite Seattle establishment.

The Bux

After downing a large coffee we boarded the plane and we off to our magical trip in Cabo!

Up next – Our amazing 7 day trip in Mexico!!

Stay tuned y’all.

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