Thrifting is the New Black

Yesterday I went thrift shopping with my homegirls Holly and Jess.

Attempting to keep to our tight budgets, we smartly shopped the aisles of Jackson Hole thrift stores. Namely, Browse ‘n’ Buy and Beautiful, Thrifty and Rich. Personally, I am a fan of any name that replaces “and” with “n”. It’s just better.

Another good one is “lil”, but that’s neither here nor there.

I scored at The Browser, purchasing two books for my upcoming trip to Mehico. The first is “Catch Me if You Can”. The book that inspired the movie and written my Frank Abagnale.

We'll See

The other is “Debutante Divorcee”, by Plum Sykes. I’ve read Bergdorf Blondes and was entertained so I figured what the hey.

And, the cover is pink.

Like a Moth to the Flame

I also have a Jodi Picoult novel, in case things get rough with these two hail marys.

Other treasures (or “traysures” as my Dad says) included a cute summery hat for Jess and a dip-warmer for Holly. Holly LOVES her dips. In fact, we once organized a dip party. The theme was dips. We played that song that goes, “I put my hand upon your hip, when I dip you dip we dip” on repeat.

I swear more people came

Another item I picked up? TOMS.


They were never-been-worn and the color was super cute. The shoes themselves however? Ugly. I guess the only saving grace is that by purchasing them, a small child somewhere has got a pair of shoes…oh wait…they were second-hand. So I guess that makes me a wanna-be philanthropist with $15 thrifted Toms.

Oh well, at least people will still walk by me and think, “There goes an awesome girl with trendy shoes for a good cause and a nice dye-job.”


Now I must figure out a dress for Bryan’s fraternity brother, Spencer’s wedding in Seattle. All the Seattle girls will probably be clad in trendy color blocked frocks (uber trendy at the mome) while I will be rocking an older sister cast-off circa 2004 if I don’t figure out a solution.

Worn this baby maybe 2478259 times

After the wedding, we will be jetting off to the land of chihuahuas (babies) aka Mexico. So this week is gonna be a whirlwind.

Other to-do’s include:

  • Apply self-tanner nightly
  • Try to repair pedicure from 1 week ago to avoid getting another pedicure
  • Paint nails with light pink Essie polish *To be purchased
  • Get roots touched up
  • Go to gym and improve body
  • Pack suitcase (Bryan and I are sharing one for Mexico)
  • Clean home

Don’t you love coming home to a sparkling clean apartment after a long trip?

Now if only there was a way to have warm, peanut butter cookies waiting  upon arrival as well as a stiff gimlet.

And maybe a What Not to Wear marathon. Just sayin :-).

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