SF Recap

G’day mates!

Well, it’s back to reality. Goodbye H&M. Goodbye Chinese food. Goodbye art museums, Starbucks and sourdough. Adieu. Adieu. To you and you and you!

The easiest way to express the amazingly fun time I had with my sister and mom is through all the pics I took with my ghetto camera.

Chinatown! And yes, we did get fake purses.

Clam Chowda in a Sourdough BB - Rocked my Face Off

The Ferry Building

Was asked to "step away from the sculpture" right after we took this.

Nan's Heaven - The Goodwill in Haight Ashbury

Megan Keepin in Classy

I want to live in this corner

Ghirardelli Square!

Windiest Street Ya'll

'Nuff Said

Castro District

Lovin the PRIDE!

"If a bullet should enter my brain, let the bullet destroy every closet door"

Just a couple of hippies, hipping it up

Tip Jar at the cupcake shop

Awesome cookie shop in the Castro Dist.

Golden Gate Park

Meg is so excited

At the Picasso Exhibit, Acting all Arty

I will miss you SF.


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