Good Times Had by All

What a week!

There is just SO much that I could tell you. Unfortunately, only about 10% of it might be of interest. The rest would leave you scared, annoyed and maybe a little bit hostile.

Cutting to the chase:

1.) Bryan’s brother Corbin arrived Monday morning!

Bryan and Corbin in Hawaii

Since it was the 4th of July, naturally we had made some plans including raftin and q-in. I had procured three spots for us on Matt’s boat and it was a BLAST. Our group included 5 boats, at least 2 cases of brews, tons of food, a platypus full a wine (pictured below) and of course, Holly brought her flask. I knew I was friends with her for a reason!

We Call it "The Platty"

After a thrilling day on the Hoback River, we came home and fired up the Q.

Bryan also prepared his delicious guacamole.

The candy dishes  and glow sticks were courtesy of yours truly :-).

We grilled kabobs and hamburgers, had plenty of chips and dip, drank beers and OF COURSE ended the night with s’mores.

P.S Glow sticks from the Dollar Store suck.

Other haps of the week (unpictured unfortunately) were:

  •  Floating Flat Creek with Bryan and Corbin intertube-style, mine popping on a rusty nail and being dragged downstream until I realized that I could stand up. #blondemoment.
  • Dinner at Trio. I had:
  • Enjoying Bryan’s delicious homemade pizza while watching “Due Date”. BTW, Robert Downey Jr.  is getting cuter and cuter with age.
  • Drinks + Dinner at the Caddy and Nikai. So. Effing. Good.
  • Making this awesome girl’s Cake Batter Pizzert. Vegan, using spelt flour. How granola-ey of me huh?

Today is my day off! So I celebrated by making this for breakfast:

Bluebs, Organic Cinnamon Toast Cruch, Puffed Wheat and Almond Milk

Then I went up Snow King!

For all you who don’t live in Jackson Hole (most of you), Snow King is a ski resort but also the name of the mountain it sits on. It is located about 1 mile from town and makes for an excellent workout in the summer. The mountain starts at 6,237 feet and the summit is at 7,808. This means that hikers gain 1,571 feet of elevation in anywhere from 25-75 minutes. it takes me about 38-45 minutes to hike up (longer if I forget my ipod).

Today was so beautiful outside that I smartly remembered to grab my camera to show y’all what it looks like out there.

View from the bottom

Harses, harses, harses, harses…Anyone?

Heading Up

Wildflowers, 1/3 of the way up

Breaking a Sweat

Awesome Wyoming Fanny Pack

Taking the chair lift down


Wind on My Face

This hike always rocks my world a little bit. It’s short, but intense on the stems. To power through, I listened to hits from Glee and Mamma Mia! On the way down, I slowed things down a bit with Phoebe Snow (look her up) and also this song.

I’m such a Ringie.

Now, I am relaxing with a delicious Life Water, graham crackers and an Amanda Bynes movie (obv), while I mentally prepare for our kickball game at 6:30. Perhaps I shall bring along the camera tonight and capture the Kicking Mules (our team name) striving for victory? I vote yes.


2 thoughts on “Good Times Had by All

  1. Siera says:

    Hey Natalie! It’s me Siera, (Siera Corier), you know just someone you knew in High school:) Anyway I ran into your blog and it’s basically amazing. I really love it! Some of the pics you post of areas around Jackson make me homesick because I use to visit family there and I went to school in Rexburg so I was around that area a lot on weekends. So excited that you live there and you’re happy! You look great!
    Ps my mom sees Nancy all the time at Fred Meyer and I think they are getting together one of these days to laugh and cry about how much they miss us:) ha.


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