You Got me Feelin Em-o-tion

Sing it Mare Care!

I’d like to begin by sharing, group therapy-style. Even though it’s just me, this computer, a vodka + soda and a hoard of Asian tourists outside, stepping off a tour bus (no joke) I’m going to pretend you’re all sitting around me in a circle, indian style and many of you are wearing Birkenstocks.

As of late, I’ve been feeling some thangs and one of the reasons I love blogs is the ability to write thoughts down, hit publish and maybe, hopefully, someone will sympathize with you or even (dare I say it?) leave a comment!

Well, here it goes.

I’m just gonna say it. I sometimes feel inadequate. Cases in point:

  • I used to be able to run double digits no problem and now I can barely run 5 miles.
  • I consistently let my grow-out go beyond 2 inches (what I call the white-trash halo).
  • I am not an expert skier, snowboarder, mountain biker, climber or rodeo queen and I never will be.
  • I am currently not holding a “career”-type position.
  • I eat too much cereal.

Mind you, these feelings of inadequacy come and go, as most things do. Someone once taught me the importance of identifying your emotions and confronting them, head-on. As humans, we shouldn’t be scared of what we are feeling. We should embrace them. Feel them. Then, it’s easier to determine the root of the feeling and why it is present. For example, to overcome feelings of inadequacy, perhaps I should use positive self-talk?

Whew! Feelin’ better already! Any other ideas?

However, I happen to be a fairly positive gal so let’s move on to shinier, happier things,  shall we?

We can start with the fact that I’ve seen two babies in one week. FYI –  I call chihuahuas babies ;-).

My Sister's Chihuahua, Chloe Joey

Secondly, I went rafting on Monday!

Holly’s boyfriend Matt has his own raft and awesomely, lets me ride in it (might have something to do with the fact that he is dating my best friend).

Matt Loading up the Raft

Rafting in Jackson Hole is always a bit of a production, i.e loading boats, people, life jackets, coolers etc. into cars, driving to the put-in, arranging gear, situating people and taking off. We always make sure to pack a bunch of sandwiches and beer in the coolers and usually stop once or twice to feast. Here’s what I brought:

Turkey + swiss, a BANDIT and Pop Chips. Yum! The Bandit basically rocks my world and is the equivalent to 1 and 1/3 bottles of wine. Holls Balls and I finished this bad boy off by the end of the trip no problem.

Loving the Bandit

We rafted along the Hoback River and it was unexpectedly a little more white water than we had bargained for. We set out with 2 boats and after going over one pretty big rapid, we discovered the other boat had two people fallen out, along with BOTH oars, their cooler and pump! Serious stuff man.Luckily, we were able to pick up one oar, the cooler and pump since we were upstream from them and they had a back-up oar as well.

However, in the process of retrieving the pump, I fell halfway out of our boat and Holly was laughing at me so hard, she could barely help me back in! Luckily, Matt came to the rescue and yanked me back in using my PFD. Twas pure Jackson-Hole awesomeness.

I think I should be on Deadliest Catch.


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