I Like Country Music

I’m finally coming out.

I kid, I kid. (this is actually just me and my sister from another mister, RJ).

After years and years of denying myself this all ‘mericn born, mindlessly catchy, sappy lyric laden tunage, I am giving in. I surrender myself to the stereotypical poofy-haired, southern twangy artists rants about “pickup trucks”, “baby girls” and being “corn fed”.

I find myself cravin me some C-Woods (Carrie Underwood), Tay-Tay, Jane-Dear Girls and yes – even Kelly Pickler. Her and those GD red high heels. Gets me err-time.

How did this happen to me?

A little background – I come from a very musically talented family. I took 5 years of piano (not meaning I play piano, but can read music), was 1st chair clarinet in High School, sang in multiple choirs and best of all…have been in musicals! Besides re-runs of Full House,  Musical theater is probably my biggest passion.

Don't Ask

I was raised on the Sound of Music, George Gershwin, The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Benny Goodman and of course, The Beatles. Ok, yes – also Raffi. You know you like “Baby Beluga”, admit it. I have read The Musical Ascent of Herman Being for heaven sakes! I know the value of classical music and what it does for the dome-piece.

Additionally, my Father AND Grandfather are maja jazz cats. Pops is a dynamite woodwind (for all you non-band nerds, this means he can play any instrument that has a reed) but also plays the flute. Yes, the jazz flute. Ron Burgundy style.

Crushin the Jazz Flute

Whalin on the Tenor Sax

Not only is my Dad the best saxophone, flute and clarinet player I have ever heard, but he also composes! I know what you’re thinking. You think I’m biased because I just happen to be his daughter? Well, you’d be wrong! Listen for yourself here.

Vienna Nocturne by Gary Danielson

Vienna Nocturne - Gary Danielson


Gramps is a brass (trumpet, mostly) but is also able to slap the banjo as well. They were both in a pretty famous jazz group called “The Many Sounds of Nine”.

The Many Sounds of Nine, on the Road

Great Uncle Herm - Trombone

My Grandpa Luke - Trumpet

Both of my aunts are dynamite piano players and singers and many of my cousins are crazy talented as well.

Cousin Dan Tickling the Ivories

Now that you understand my extensive musical background, I can only wonder – where did I acquire this recent affinity for country music? Let’s examine the evidence, shall we?

  • I live in Wyoming.
  • I now drink whiskey.
  • I have been to a demolition derby.
  • I own a pair of dirty, white, Old Navy flip-flops.

Case closed.


2 thoughts on “I Like Country Music

  1. Natalie says:

    Thanks Amanda! I welcome it with open arms.
    You need to video this drinking game and post it – I am very interested!


  2. Amanda says:

    Welcome to the dark side! Before you know it you’ll be standing around a bonfire playing drinking games that entail throwing a hammer behind your back, catching it and hammering a nail into a stump. Oh wait, maybe that was just my weekend 😉


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