Galas and Wine and Everything Fine

Rachel: It’s a uh, regatta gala.

Danny: Really! You sail?

Rachel: No-no, but I support it.

When I found out I would be attending a gala (italics is appropriate, is it not?) with Bryan, “Friends” was the first thing that popped into my mind. Gala…is has a ring to it. This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending not one but TWO fun events this past weekend. Fiddle dee dee!

Friday night was the Rotary Club Wine Fest.

B is a member and no, he doesn’t wear one of those funny little hats, apparently those are for Shriners only. Where’s the love man?

Who is this Douche BTW?

At Wine Fest, 400 different wineries from all over the world were featured. 35 bucks, a wine glass and you try your darndest to not throw up hot pink at the end of the night. They also had a shmorgess of cheese, crackers, appetizers and Dominoes pizza. CL-assy.

We obviously started with champagne. Duh. Here we are post wine-blitz:

Bryan and Natalie

By the end of the night, the wine reps started getting generous and were giving pours that looked like this:

Not Bad

They also had a silent auction at this shambangle, where you could bid on awesome prizes like this:


Riddle me this: Who in the right mind would actually WANT a super-weird smallish picture of a grizzly bear, hanging in their home saying “Hey, what’s up. You won me at an auction. I eat you.” Maybe a park ranger? Or Bear, from Man vs. Wild. Yeah, probably him.

Saturday night was the annual Spring Fling benefit for St.John’s Hospital at the Jackson Lake Lodge. Bryan’s work had sponsored a table and we were invited along. Bryan surprised me that day by booking us a night at the lodge, so we wouldn’t have to worry about one of us DDing the 37 miles back to town. I know how to pick em =).

Ready to Go

Take notice of the BLL in the background.

B and I arrived at 6 pm sharp, precisely the time that cocktail hour was supposed to start. Coincidence?

Jackson Lake Lodge

Cocktail Hour


However, after paying 22 dollars for 2 drinks (well alcohol mind you), we quickly decided our time was best spent in the comfort of our little cottage, pounding delicious BLLs.

It's Serious


Around 7 we headed back to the lodge for the actual gala.

Antler Chandeliers

We quickly found our table and were happy to see salads awaiting us, as well as 4 bottles of wine. Raspberries!

I didn’t know anyone at our table, but was able to quickly make friends with one of the gals – as we both shared a love for the Food Network and Cooking Channel. After she mentioned that she despised Sandra Lee, I knew we’d get along. I forgot to snap a pic of my dinner, but of course I remembered when it came to dessert.

As with most dessert buffet spreads, they offer the smaller sized plates. However, I smartly sniped one of the regular sized dinner plates off the buffet table. Muahahhaha.

Here we have: a chocolate dipped marshmallow, a delicious spice-cake petit four, chocolate dipped strawberry, mini-cheesecake, lemon tartlet, brownie chunks and a fruit tart. The standout was the petit four by a long shot.

The event also featured a popular musical act from Jackson, called Mandatory Air. They basically rocked my socks off. I brought along flats so I could really drop it like it’s hot.

The wine was flowin. B and I were on that dance floor like white on rice.

The next morning we awoke around 8:30 and were ready to hit the lodge’s famous Sunday brunch. Upon walking into the restaurant, the hostess informed us that there was no brunch and they stopped serving breakfast at 9 am. 9 am?! Does anyone else agree that this seems awfully early to QUIT serving breakfast?

This is not the Comfort Inn. There is no “complimentary” continental breakfast, with stale bagels and watered down coffee that ends promptly at 9 am. WTF I ask you.

NOT cool Jackson Lake Lodge.

On top of the brunch fiasco,  it was SNOWING. Again. It’s almost June. I wept a little.

Bryan Trekking through the Snow

We felt defeated. Like Screech Powers getting blown off by Lisa for the millionth time.

That was, until we gobbled down an amazing breakfast at Eleaven, rented movies, ate Dots, laid on the couch and went to bed by 8:30.

It’s a good life.

What is the worst hotel experience you’ve ever had?


One thought on “Galas and Wine and Everything Fine

  1. Jeff says:

    My quick rundown:

    Guy wearing a blue beanie to a gala = Stay Classy Jackson

    Electric floor board heating in a cottage, or should I say “cottage.”

    BLL’s in room AWESOME. I guess from this post I learned you can take the girl out of the tri-cities but…

    Keep up the great writing! Like JT says “I’m Lovin It.”


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