A Spring in the Hole

 Is worth two in the bush! Am I right?!

Jackson Hole

Famous Pic of JH

The weather in Jackson is truly an anomaly. One day I find myself pulling out rainboots and a coat and the next I’m sparkling (because I DON’T sweat, I sparkle) at work in jeans and a tee. Then there are the days when it could go either way and I presumptuously opt for a more “springy” outfit and wind up walking around with snow in my ballet flats. My advice: Don’t force it people. If the weather looks sketch, sway towards practical instead of hopeful.

How do Jacksonites get through it?

1.) Drink. Whiskey.

Maybe out of a shotski, maybe not.

Shotski in Action

Carrie Underwood once said, “Right now, he’s prolly buyin her some fruity-little-drink cuz she can’t shoot the whiskey”. The girl she’s talking about? That’s me. I love m’gimmies. AND fruity-little-drinks.

*A shotski is basically an old ski that has shot glasses glued to it, allowing multiple people to take shots at the same time. The one pictured is made by Holly’s boyfriend Matt – this one is fold-able, has squishy cups AND a backstrap. Holla.

2.) Be active.

Me at a 5K in Richland, WA

People in Jackson are fit-beings. Of course, the occasional trailoricious person will sneak up on ya in the Browse n’ Buy (the thrift store I frequent), but they about as elusive as a college grad on Jersey Shore. By and large, a typical Saturday in the life of many Jacksonites reads something like this:

  • Wake up at 7 am.
  • Do not shower. Put on outfit consisting of Patagonia, Prana and Smart Wool.
  • If a man – trim beard. If a woman – trim beard. Hehe, jk.
  • Drink organic, sustainable, free trade coffee with steamed almond milk.
  • Purchase gourmet dog treats (also organic).  Place treats in re-useable tote.
  • Consume Tram Bar. Fill Sigg.
  • Pack a modest bagged lunch purchased at Backcountry Provisions in Gregory backpack.
  • Be active WITH dog for 8 hours solid.
  • Meet friends for brews and re-live experiences of the day.
  • Shots of whiskey and subsequently consume a Billy’s Burger.
  • Pass out in your house with other 4 roommates and their dogs.

I don’t feel too bad about this one since I am an active gal myself. As Bryan once described it, my fantasy out-doors day would consist of “a long pancake hike (meaning no elevation gain) where we sleep in a quaint little cabin with a fireplace, hoards of candy, small dogs  and a FULLY-stocked bar. The next day we make S-Bux Pike Place Roast and hike back out.” NAILED it honey. Sassafras for sheeez.

3.) Work y’ass off.

Since moving to Jackson, I’ve had more than my fair share of jobs. Cough-five-cough. In less than a year. What?! Gimme a break – None have involved flipping burgers, telemarketing or turning tricks – that’s the good news. However, I hate to inform you that I have partook in the following:

  • Re-filled enough iced teas to fill Oprah’s swimming pool.
  • Woke up at 5 am 5 out 7 days and worked for a horror of a human being (who shall remain nameless) and POOLED TIPS. I peaced the eff out of that hot mess after 1 month.
  • Tried to seat dozens of ravenous, horrible, snooty skiers who smelled like ham and cheese at a restaurant on a ski resort.

Holly and I Slaying Some Glassware

World's WORST uniforms - Hello Star Trek

And YES – Holly and I have worked at all the same places since we’ve moved here. Two peas in a pod, we are.

4.) Take a vaca.

Probably the smartest and most obvious way to avoid the Jackson-Spring-Blues is to travel. Most locals flee this town in the off-seasons and for good reason, taking trips all over the world. Between Bry and I – we’ve been to Costa Rica, Hawaii, Panama, Africa and Argentina during these off seasons. Traveling lends itself well to people who work F&B or hospitality jobs. Lots of people make oodles of dough during the busy tourist seasons and then live off those funds while abroad.

In Kroger National Park, South Africa

Bryan at Basecamp of Aconcagua

5.) HOPE

It’s a four letter word far more powerful than some of it’s relatives…well sometimes . Jacksonites hold out hope for summer for many reasons.

– Rafting on the Snake River. Cue whiskey and PBR.

White Wata

– Sitting on the balcony of the Town Square Tavern and making fun of tourists sporting cowboy hats and fanny packs watching the “shootout” on the town square.

So. Cheese.

Targhee Bluegrass Fest, the Chicken Fry and THE FAIR.

Git It

– Climbing the Grand.

Bryan on the Summit of The Grand - Elevation 13,770 feet

– Hiking the many gorgeous trails.

Nice Face

– Watching Old Faithful shoot off in 60-70 minute increments (yes, that’s how often it goes off).

Mom and I with Yellowstone Park Rangers at Old Faithful

So there you have it. The perfect formula to persevere through the Jackson-Spring-Blues.

How do you get through gross Spring weather?


12 thoughts on “A Spring in the Hole

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  2. Bryan says:

    Great post honey. While yes, Spring time in Jackson Hole can be frustrating, I find solice and great enjoyment in those days and moments when the clouds (and snow showers) break and you are able to take in the magnificence of this place. It is a time when the Town Square and Grand Teton National Park are not yet flooded with hoards of gawking tourists. It is perhaps the best time of year to view wildlife. It’s the time of year that you reconnect with people that seem to have been hibernating for the last six months. Spring in Jackson Hole is a time when you could be skiing in the park one day, biking the next, then paddling the Snake, Hoback or Gros Ventre Rivers. And yes, while this Spring seems to be especially winter-like I assure you that there will be no shortage of beautiful, sunny days to come.


  3. Too Tall Jones says:

    you could also pass the time by giving your time and effort to some good causes, oh i don’t know…. i heard “moles not crows” is a good one. ( an honest to goodness cause.) just a thought…..

    b Cosby


    • Bryan & Natalie says:

      You totally need to visit the hole! Hikey is SO a word, don’t worry. They are called Chacos and EVERYONE here has a pair. I still think they’re ugly but yes, they are quite functional as far as shoes go. I might bedazzle them…


  4. Anna says:

    I was always told that ladies don’t sweat – they GLOW. Makes me feel a little like a tabletop lamp every summer, but I like that you sparkle, if you can overlook the sparkly-Twilight-vampire connotations.

    Great post!


    • Bryan & Natalie says:

      I know, aren’t they awesome?!
      Matt will actually be selling them! I can put you in touch with him if you’re interested in buying =). They make for some good times.
      Thanks for reading!


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