Eat, Run, Hike, LOVE

What glorious times we had last weekend! Here’s the run-down boos-

Friday – GNO (Girl’s Night Out y’all) at the Bistro. All the usual suspects were in attendance: Holly, Jess, Blair, Mary and myself. We took full advantage of the crayons + white paper, drawing everything from horses to other things of a more phallic nature…ahem…

Saturday – I went for an epic yog (it’s a soft J). And then B and I attended the “Bras for a Cause” event at the Town Square Tavern. So. Much. Fun. I love me some money raisin to save them tittays. FYI vodka + soda + splash-o-cran = pink drink. Gotta represent.

Sunday – B and I ran (sprinted for me) 1 mile and then went up High School Butte. Then we drove into GTNP and ate pistachios. Raspberries!

Bryan and Natalie

Bryan and Natalie

But Monday was the most special day of all. Why? Because it marked 6 months of Bryan courting me. Courting is the same thing as dating. It’s a funny word. “It’s an oversized hat. It’s funny”. Oh how I love you Mr.Reynolds.

Why did it rock?

  • Bryan brought me flowers
  • We had vodka+sodas before we left
  • I wore a low-cut shirt with chicken cutlet bra inserts for maja CLEAV.
  • We ate delicious food at the Bistro
  • Had romantic conversation
  • Consumed Moo’s Ice Cream

Natalie Danielson

Bryan and Natalie

I love you Bryan. I love you more than mascara, swedish fish and gimlets.


2 thoughts on “Eat, Run, Hike, LOVE

    • Bryan & Natalie says:

      I’m blushing! I just recently started this blog and I’m just having too much fun. I love that you blog about going out and eating Pop Tarts Crisps. I want to go shopping at H&M with you, just sayin =).


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