Wine not?!

 Ay bay-bays!

During B and I’s amazing Washington Extravaganza, we had the honor of visiting many wineries. Our first were in one of my all-time favorite places, which is of course the town of Walla Walla. Home to Whitman College, sweet onions and my favorite…HOT POOP. Think I’m kidding…click here. WEAR IT!


Our Walla Walla visit bordered on Fail Blog material, since we got a late start and missed 2 wineries due to the 4 pm closing time (ridic, I know) on our hit-list, but whatev. I managed to get wine-bombed and promptly pass out in the car with my dress pooling around my waist and a water cracker in my mouth. Jk about the water cracker, that’s more Nan’s style. But at least I was better off than homegirl:


Class. Btw, thanks for driving Dad =). We did manage to peruse the following places:

 All were amaze-balls for different reasons. L’ecole for their little chalkboards on the counters where I can draw hearts, stars and boobs (yes, boobs). 3 Rivers for their little 3-short hole (TWSS) golf course. Olive for their luscious goodies. And Bright’s Candy…do I even have to comment? We would have also like to of visited Pepper Bridge and also Abeja, but alas time got the best of us. Tear.

After departing from the awesome city of Kennewick (NOT the dry-sh*tties, thank you very much) we hit the road for Wenatchee which meant more Columbia Valley wine!

B’s parents had recently visited a little winery located in East Wenatchee called Martin Scott Winery and gave their wine a rave review. B and I pulled up to the gates and sadly, the sign indicated they were closed. Le sigh. However, Bry insisted we pull in anyways (what a little go-getter). Just as we determined the winery was indeed closed, the owner Mike Scott pulled in and invited us down to the tasting room for a private tasting! Raaasberries (this is my new expression of glee)!!


 With Bryan being the Malbec connoisseur that he is, Mr. Scott sent us off with 2 bottles of the stuff (one ’08, one ’09) to compare, plus another bottle named after his son. Not only that, but he spent over an hour telling us about his awesome wines, 2 sons and life in general. The whole while I’m thinking “a real wine-maker is taking the time out of his DAY OFF to talk to Bry and I”.  Lucky doesn’t begin to cover it. Mr. Scott was sweet, down-to-earth and real. Very sassafras. Not to mention his wine was delicious!

Our notes on his Malbecs can be found here: Martin Scott Malbec Tasting.

We continued to drink many other delicious wines at B’s parents house, sometimes staying up ridoncously late…but it’s all part of the fun kiddies.

We also had the divine pleasure of visiting Canlis, a Seattle institution for B’s Mom’s b-day. There’s a dress code here peeps. No St.John’s Bay or Exhilaration. Here were Bryan and I’s meals:

Crab Cakes!


B's Halibut

 Our last wine-related journey involved the following:

  • Bryan’s fraternity brothers and their GORGEOUS wives (like, whoa)
  • Copious amount of vino (also whiskey, Coors Light, vodka,  and Red Hook Beers)

    Our gracious hosts, Kyle and Melissa

 Having drank said copious amounts of wine while happily frolicking about the PB, I am unable to recall ALL of tasting rooms we visited. We were what you call, “a tasting room’s WORST NIGHTMARE”. Muahahaha.

PB fun:

Brooke and I on the PB


I’m on the right track baby, I was born this way.


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