Sister Megan’s Visit

  Over the past week, B and I had my ultra-fab sister Megan as our ultra-fab house guest. Enter Megan :

Megan and Chloe Joey

Isn’t Megan beautiful? Duh, she’s my sister.

Since her visit fell at the beginning of April, we encountered many obstacles that could have hindered our potential fun-levels:

  • poopy weather
  • ski season = over
  • stores close
  • locals say bye-bye

However, Megan and I are not your average gals. We hail from the Tri, where pickins are slim and one must get creative when it comes to funs being had. Among the normal human activites such as dining out and hangin with friends, we also partook in the following:

  • consumed copious amounts of sugar in the form of delcious Maverick fro-yo and pounds of candy from Yipee-I-O Candy Shop.
  • watched Sex and the City 2 AND Easy A. We know how to ‘tain ahselves.
  • performed a grillion impressions of the late Edith Beale, star of the 1975 documentary “Gray Gardens”.
  • went on a “hike” that lasted us approximately 30 seconds before we were sinking into thick, muddy goo. It was versus the mud. Mud = winna.
  • Consumed delicious meals at The Merry Piglets, Nikai and Teton Steakhouse.

Inflatable Costumes - Always a Good Idea

Here is a video of our new favorite human being of all time, explaining her outfit to the documentary film crew and why it is “the best thing to wear for the day, you understand”.

I miss you already sister darling…


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