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Christmas Happenings

Merrrrrrry Christmas everyone!

This being my first official year of being a bon-A-fied MRS., I decided to do Christmas cards. You know the ones. With the picture and the corny little design, usually from Tiny Prints, Shutterfly or in my case, Costco. I felt weird ordering them, it being just the two of us – no kid, no dog, but then I realized that we put on a wedding dammit! And those pictures aren’t doin’ much besides sitting inside albums so share them, we shall.


I encountered a Santa-themed bicycle troupe the other day whilst out shopping for wrapping paper. They were super annoying, but they had Mare Care blasting so it was all good. Sidenote: Where is all the cute wrapping paper? I MEAN. I finally threw in the towel and succumbed to a mediocre snowflake print but COME ON PEOPLE. Of course today I wandered into Paper Source and found the sweetest gift wrap that was ivory with gold polka dots a!na@#%k$@sdnjkawa.


Only in Portland

I friggen’ love The 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family. Last night they showed Elf and tonight, Christmas Vacation. Additionally, there is the option of The Mistle Tones starring Tia Mowry and of course my personal favorite, Holiday in Handcuffs. Oh MJH is just a gem.


And lastly, I might have to rescind my previous statements about my new favorite foundation. I may have found one I like even better…ok I’ll just tell you. Nars Sheer Glow! I mean, duh. How had I not tried this before? It is easily the most beautiful finish I’ve ever seen (if you like a dewy look). So HOT DOG!


All for now! Off to catch the 12 Dates of Christmas!

November Favorites

Sooo…let’s pretend to ignore the fact that it’s been awhile since my last Favorites post ok? OK.

Bath & Body

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner


It’s a very scary thing to realize how reliant I am on certain products. Take for example my beloved Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner from Lush. In the winter, my skin may as well be made of cardboard and every lotion I try just doesn’t cut it. The body conditioners from Lush are miracle workers. I smooth it all over in the shower, let it sit for a few seconds, rinse it off and then pat (not rub) myself dry. I feel like it’s locking the moisture in from the shower and the scent? I’ll put it this way – I have emailed and tweeted the company multiple times to re-release the Ro’s Argan perfume. A petition might be in order.

Cake Batter Chapstick


It smells like cake and it feels great on the lips. What more could you possibly ask for in a lip balm?


Dior Star Foundation


I must preface this by backing up a few weeks ago. You see, I have been out of foundation for quite some time now. And rather than barrel into Sephora and select a random bottle from the gaggle of choices, I decided to be a bit more methodical. So, I have been slowly accumulating samples of high-end foundations to put through the ringer and of course blog my thoughts on each. But you guys -I may have struck gold not even a quarter of the way through my stash. I’m talking about Dior Star Foundation, and yes, I’m in love. You MUST apply with a Beauty Blender and the result is nearly perfect. It is slightly dewy, blurring and brightening and it applies smoothly and evenly leaving my skin looking like a literal movie star (the concept behind the name).

L’Oreal Carbon Black Liquid Eyeliner


This eyeliner has to have earned holy grail status by now. It is truly a workhorse, providing a very pigmented black and super simple application. It’s also like  8 bucks so yeah, git it.

Mac Pressed Pigment in Warming Heart


I have recently re-discovered this little gem from a Mac collection that was sitting all alone on my vanity and I have fallen back in love. The timing couldn’t be more perfect being the holidays. The holiday season means that I can finally bust out all my overly shimmery and glittery shades not suitable to other times of the year. This Mac pressed pigment is perfection because the glitter is so fine and when used in conjuction with a primer and a little Fixed +, ohh law. It is sooooo beautiful.


Nature’s Gate Aloe Vera Shampoo


Guys, I have gone sulfate free and I may never look back. This shampoo not only smells great and leaves my hair feeling clean and healthy, but it is $9. Additionally, I feel like my hair has been growing much faster and I’ve been losing way less.


Rusk Freezing Spray


This Freezing Spray by Rusk is just the pits. I got last summer in the Allure Beauty Box and I had high hopes for it. It claimes to be completely weather-resistant and let me tell you, nothing could be further from the truth. I have tried it on multiple occasions where I curled my hair, finishing with the hairspray, and left to run an errand. I would look into the mirror not 30 minutes later and it would be frizzy, dull and devoid of ANY curl. I am better off using no hairspray at all.


My Merin Bag


Surprisingly I have never mentioned this bag in any of my favorites but I honestly use this almost every day. The company is out of Seattle and was started by a woman who wanted a tote bag that could do it all. The interior of the bag is lined with waterproof pockets of various sizes, making it a cinch to organize all your stuff. The thick, yet pliable canvas fabric is beautiful, making it a chic alternative to those plastic-y and obnoxious cheaper tote bags. The bottom of the bag is also made of waterproof fabric, which means it is perfect for the beach, the pool or ANYONE living in the Pacific Northwest. I have an older design and I could not live a day without it.

Sparkly Nina Flats


I MEAN. Of course these pups made my favorites. They are MAJESTY.

And lastly…Our Christmas Tree/Décor!!


You may remember our scant, poorly Christmas tree last year, appropriately named Nadine. Well this year, we made the tough decision to go artificial. Maybe it’s our small(er) front room, maybe we missed seeing actual branches, but whatever it was, running into Target and picking this little lady up for a mere $30 seemed all too perfect. Her name is Fanny, btw.


I’ve also thrown around some miscellaneous décor this year, in the form of a new blanket(Martha Stewart Collection from Macy’s), new pillow (Marshalls) and little Christmas wall décor (Target). I couldn’t be happier! Merrrrry Christmas!



Gems of the Mac Holiday Collection

Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Is everyone primed and ready to consume hoards of brown food!? I personally favor stuffing (out of the bird, please) and of course Pumpkin Dumpster, recipe found here.

But before we loosen our belts in favor of that extra slice of pumpkin pie and fake excitement over yet another year of half-priced Black Friday socks, let us pause. Let us give thanks for all that we have – our loved ones, our dear friends and of course…the Mac Holiday Collection.

I picked up a few things this time around and here are my thoughts thus far.


True to beauty blogger form, I, like so many, am a huge sucker for packaging. Companies like Benefit, Too Faced, Tarte and many others appeal to us through the use of clever packaging, bright colors, cutesie names and even cuter displays. How many times have you ran out to get the latest eyeshadow palette simply because you thought it was cute, to come home and realize you already owned several, if not all the colors?

This year Mac walked that ever-so-fine line of combining chintzy elements like glitter and craft store pearls with a dash of sophistication to create packaging that is appealing to tweens and 30-year-olds alike.

Ruby Woo Trio


Outer box


I have yet to use any of these products but will report back once all are put through rigorous testing.

8 Pan Eyeshadow Palettes




Did you get anything from the Mac Holiday Collection? If so, let me know!

Your Basic Christmas List

It’ just about that time of year again!

And here at the Nash household, we do things right. I’ve got my Justin Bieber Christmas CD, new Martha Stewart red and white throw, and Frozen DVD waiting patiently for that most wonderful time of the year. The only thing this basic white girl needs now is a Christmas (and b-day) list fit for a queen! And probs a Chestnut Praline Latte.

So here it is! Behold a Christmas list brimming with frivolous goods and wares any gal might like. We’ve covered the main Christmas list “food groups” if you will, for all the pyramiders as well: B&B (bath and body), clothing, shoes, jewelry and OBVS meekup. What didn’t make the list were those strange personal quirky things, which are essential to any well-rounded Christmas list. For me, these items would include a Hobbit day planner, Hall Pass the movie (a classic), a PUPPY (pleeeease Bry!) or a large wedge of Cougar Gold cheese.

I think you get the idea :).

2014 Christmas List
2014 Christmas List by natd08

Influenster Fekkai VoxBox Review

Hello dumpling heads!

And just a little tid-bit for ya…when I was a kid I wanted my last name to be Dumpling. Natalie Dumpling. Has a nice ring to it, eh?

So a few weeks ago, Influenster sent me a cute little box in the mail. Inside were two products from the brand Fekkai. NOW. I have used the Fekkai Smoothing Creme before and was a huge fan, so I had already regarded the brand very highly. I was elated to see they hooked me up with a few samples from their PrX Reparatives line with Argan Extract. And if you guys know me, you know I looove me some Argan.


My hair is blonde and therefore it is dry, damaged and a split-end circus. I am always looking for anything to pump moisture into my tired locks so I was excited to jump in the shower and give these babies a whirl.

First up, the Fekkai PrX Reparatives Shampoo and Conditioner with Argan Extract.


The texture of these products is quite thick and the aroma is very rich. You can definitely tell both the shampoo and conditioner contain Argan as the smell has that distinctive full-bodied aroma I have grown to love (much like a fine wine). The shampoo lathered up nicely and the conditioner felt quite thick and clingy to my hair. My head felt very silky upon rinsing the conditioner and I experienced zero funky residue upon drying. The result was very favorable as my hair felt soft, silky and smelled great.

The next product to try was the PrX Reparatives Intense Fortifying Masque.


This product is meant to be used once a week to restore shine and protect from future damage. NOW. I do like to use a “fortifying” or a protein treatment on my head every now and again. I find that switching between heavy moisturizing conditioners and ones that are fortifying or contain protein is the perfect cocktail. Thus, I was pumped to try this one out.

The consistency is VERY thick and the smell? Ermygurd. The bottle says it is scented with vanilla and crème and oh yes it is. It smells sooooo nice and just like the original shampoo + conditioner, it lingers. To try the masque, I started with the Fekkai Shampoo and then applied a fairly generous amount of the masque and combed it through with my fingers. I left it on about 7 minutes and rinsed. My hair instantly felt silky, smooth and wonderful. Sometimes this can be a trick (i.e the effect we all feel after using Pantene for the first time) but I have noticed zero ill side effects. My hair felt great, smelled great and was free of any heaviness.

Overall, I am really impressed with both the shampoo and conditioner from the Fekkai PrX Reparatives line as well as the Intense Fortifying Masque. I would definitely recommend this line to anyone in dire need of a little hair TLC.


Neither Bryan or myself is the least bit enthusiastic about Halloween. We fall perfectly into that category of too old, no children and absolutely NO desire to schlep ourselves to a bar to watch 20-somethings try to hold their liquor while donning a slutty football player costume. Instead, I bought 2 LARGE bags of candy, hoping to dispense every last piece to cute kidlets while Bryan and I watched Hocus Pocus. NO SUCH LUCK. Not only did we get ZERO trick-or-treaters and thus felt behooved to consume loads of said candy, but Hocus Pocus wasn’t even on! Tragedy. Earlier that day, I did throw on a combination of clothes I already owned, waaay too much eyeliner on ONLY the bottom lash line and little paper “gauges” I made with a sharpie to become…..




It was Megan’s birthday the other weekend and unfortunately the rain killed our plans to partake in a SEGWAY tour of Portland (something Meg and I have always wanted to do). Luckily, the weekend was salvaged by a lot of fun and successful shopping including, but not limited to:

  • Meg getting the MOST adorable pink coat in existence from Anthropolgie
  • Finding a sweater from F21 in the most perfect shade of peach EVER
  • Nan admitting that un-oaked Chardonnay is actually quite delicious

Meg’s new coat!

Oh, and I found the most perfect hat relative to my face shape.



A couple weeks ago, I gave myself a bit of a shiner by WHACKING MY FACE ON THE DOORWAY. A tiny cut placed wonderfully at the end of my brow and I was a bloody mess. Luckily the hideousness dissipated rather quickly and I could just use the excuse it was a purple smoky eye gone wrong. And obvs excuse the under-eye circles and greasy hair.

The day after it happened

The day after it happened

Processed with Rookie

My shiner!


I have gotten in to Gilmore Girls. Is anyone really surprised? I MEAN. The mother-daughter relationship, the INCREDIBLE 90’s fashions, Melissa McCarthy’s highlights and Alexis Bleidel’s big blue puppy dog eyes? I was sold after one episode.


Skincare: Smoke and Mirrors?

Do you like my mysterious and quizzical title?

The idea for this post came when Bry and I were waiting for a delayed plane out of PDX and I wandered around a Keihl’s store. I skirted around the outside, close enough to sample a little hand cream but keeping far enough away to avoid getting badgered by sales folk. Then I overheard a conversation between the sales gal and woman with (if I’m honest) not-so-good skin. Hyper pigmentation, dark spots, lines, wrinkles, and pores big enough to store loose change.

She stared open-mouthed in frustration as the sales girl talked about this product and that. A corrective and firming regiment of balms, tonics and creams seemed to be just the ticket! Bryan wandered over at that point and I asked him what he thought of the promises of all these products. He looked at me blankly and replied, “C’mon Nat. We’re all slowly dying.”

A bit morbid, sure. But I am beginning to think he was dead on (pun intended). We’re all trying to reverse a process that is inevitable for all humans. A slow breakdown of our youth and beauty sounds just horrific, so we look anywhere for help. We look to the $350 cream in a fancy pot and laquered box. We look to medi-spas, botox, fillers and even surgery. We will do anything.

So I wander up and down the aisles and aisles of skincare, reading words like “age-defying”, “wrinkle-reducing” and my favorite, “luminescent”. I think, I want to defy my age! I want a reduction in my wrinkles and OBVS I want to be luminescent. Of COURSE I do.

But I think the day Bryan uttered those words to me it finally clicked.  Sadly, NO amount of money is going to give me the skin of an 18-year old. Nor will I ever “glow from within” unless I’m just really sweaty. And the recent photos of Ms. Renee Zellweger prove that going the surgical route is just SO wrong. So what CAN I do?


  • I can drink water (even though I MUCH prefer Diet Coke).
  • I can exersize, eat things that are good for me and try to get in m’8hours.
  • I can douse myself in SPF, wear floppy hats and always find a spot in the shade.
  • I can keep my skin in great shape using simple methds of washing, exfoliating and making sure my skin is hydrated.
  • I can do fun things with my makeup like like eyelash extensions, a bold red lip and fierce brows (on fleek!).

I guess what I am saying is, although I’d like to belive that dropping thousands of dollars on laser treatments and creams laden with chemicals could make a difference in restoring youth – it’s mostly a bit of smoke and mirrors. Clever marketing, beautiful packagaing and perfectly trained sales people that rattle off 75 reasons why YOU NEED this product. It’s a bit of a circus, or a carnival that can be confusing and a bit scary to those who can’t see through the fog.

But don’t fret because believe it or not, it is pretty easy to take excellent care of your skin with products that keep it simple. If you’re interested in my opinion of products and lines that fit the bill and are worth the money, stay tuned.


Our Wedding Day

So today is the day where I planned to share many heartfelt words with you about a day I will never forget. A day I got to where a big sparkling white dress. A day where 6 pounds of makeup had nothing to do with being at a drag show.

Our wedding was a magical one. The weather was hot, the swimming pool was full and somehow we all managed to set up some tables and chairs for people to sit at. And while the flowers, the guests and OF COURSE the attire was of the utmost importance – getting married trumped it all.

I would like to say I wrote every last detail down to the bud vase, but I didn’t. I couldn’t. The photos mostly speak for themselves so here we go!

That morning I woke up naturally pretty early. I padded around the kitchen in fluffy socks and obvs my “Bride” rhinestone tank because I am a BWG (basic white girl). I drank coffee and had a little yogurt + cereal while I chatted with my sisters and best friend Holly.

Bryan and his brothers and friends hung by the pool all morning NO FAIR.

I started getting myself ready pretty early. One tip I have learned from not only our wedding but being in a few others is that time goes by FAST. Four hours may seem like forever to get ready but BELIEVE ME, you’ll need it. I took a lady bath (aka body shower) and then used my nice Jo Malone lotion everywhere. Then I did my makeup. If you want a complete explanation of how I did that, click here.

After that my sister’s girlfriend Shannon came in and did my hair. I wore Euronext extensions in the 20″ length from Sally’s Beauty and Shannon clipped those in and curled my whole head. Next, we played around with it. I thought I wanted it all down to create that un-done, careless-yet-chic look but we ended up all liking it half-up better. So, she pulled it up, gave me a little volume and a nice lil side part. Shannon is the best!

Our photographer Alisha arrived while I was getting ready and captured everything beautifully. My favorite moment was when all my best friends came in and hung out for a bit…it was majesty.

Then I got in my dress with the help of Megan and my Mom. My dress did come with straps but they were pretty thick bra-looking ones so my Mom and I found some dainty rolled satin ribbon at JoAnn’s and (in the words of Tim Gunn) made it work.

When I was all ready, it was time for the “first look”. OK guys, the first look is like GAG CITY. It is so cheesy and gross but yeah, I guess I did want a photo of the first time Bryan saw me in my dress.

Then we went and took pictures all over the property and our brothers and sisters joined in too.

We took a lot of breaks and were able to go back inside and cool down in the AC because we had plenty of time before the wedding. This I attribute solely to our photographer Alisha’s remarkable ability to keep a nice pace. She was amazing, laid back and SO professional. We also became fast friends and I wish I lived in Spokane so I could be closer to her!

I was drinking as much water as I could all day but it was HARD. I didn’t feel like eating or drinking anything all day and Holly (bless her heart) kept shoving turkey+cheese roll-ups in my face and making me drink water. That girl.

Right before the ceremony, we all took shots of Ciroq because we are gangster like that.

As soon as it was time to actually walk down the aisle I started getting SERIOUS anxiety. Thank the Lord my Dad was with me because he can literally be the most calming human on earth when others are freaking out. I took a couple sips of wine to take the edge off my nerves and we strolled down the aisle together.

The ceremony was short, sweet and I will not forget one word. Our great friend officiated for us and he couldn’t have done a better job.

The reception was wonderful. Nobody gave a bad speech and I was SO touched by what everyone had to say. Bryan’s brothers melted my heart and I am SO happy that I can say I have bros now. They are perfect.

The food was by Andrae’s Kitchen and was AMMMMAZING. Hat tip to Andrae and his staff because they killed it. Our desserts were wonderful and SO perfectly arranged and baked by my sis Rachel.

We danced WELL into the night and had many folks leaving after 1 am. I am pretty sure that means they had fun…

A wonderful day with wonderful people and of course, a wonderful man! Love you Bryan.

*All photos by Allie Hannah Photography



Palm Desert Trip

Hey friends!

Bry and I are back from our amazing 8-day holiday in Palm Desert!


And YOU GUYS. I played tennis. Like, for real. And I only hit one ball into a cactus garden. I feel very successful. Maybe I should start tweeting the Williams girls or Anna K or someone!?

We left early mornin two Saturdays ago and made it into Palm Springs around 4:30 pm. After we picked up a SASSY rental car we headed to Ralph’s for groceries. Our room had a pretty nice-sized kitchenette so we filled our cart and headed for our hotel.

We pulled in at the Westin Desert Villas and after checking in we sat down to a great dinner at the hotel restaurant, Agave. The hotel continued to amaze us all week, with really friendly staff, beautiful pools and delicious food+drinks. YAY.


Lots of our trip was spent laying by the pool, playing tennis, grilling burgers and watching Below Deck on Bravo (SO good). I also brought along the Steve Jobs book, by Walter Issacson and devoured the whole thing in 7 days. What a guy. An a-hole, yes. But a genius, and now I want a Mac laptop…

Flank Steak!

Flank Steak!





Highlinghts from our trip include firstly, a jaunt up to the top of Palm Desert’s popular (rotating) aerial tram. We decided to do a 5-mile loop once we got to the top and I am happy to report that I actually went FASTER than Bryan. I was SO Legolas. Also, we passed a troop of Army guys on the trail in full gear so baaaasically I think that makes me a Marine. Green beret.

image (5)

image (3)



image (4)

After our hike we did what any Californian would do.

image - Copy (2)

image (1) - Copy

We also drove the hour or so over to Joshua Tree! Unfortunately my allergies decided to flare up HARD so I was a complete mess the whole time we were there. I could only manage a quick 2-mile hike but lemme tell ya – it was absolutely beautiful. It’s amazing in a way that words cannot describe. The trees and plant-life are very Dr. Suessy which was completely fascinating too. Josh Tree, two enthusiastic thumbs up!

image (4) - Copy

Feelin like crap

Feelin like crap

image (9) - Copy


20141015_123407_resizedimage (11) - Copy

After two days of wilderness adventure I decided it was high time I drag Bryan along for a taste of MY kindof fun. The OUTLET MALL. Palm Desert’s Desert Hills Outlets were the ticket. The place is absolutely enourmous and a bit palatial. Plus, it’s a designer outlet mall so it had the big boys. Prada, Alexander McQueen, Carolina Herrara, Gucci – I was dyyyyying. The most exciting (for me) shops were Nieman Marcus Last Call, Barney’s Outlet, Saks Off 5th, Tory Burch, J.Crew Outlet and of course The Cosmetics Company.

image (2) - Copy

image (3) - Copy

I ended up with a couple things from J.Crew and 1 Mac Mineralized blush from The Cosmetics Company. Bry was a sport and studied for an upcoming exam he has to take for work at Starbucks. But you guys, I could have spent ALL DAY at this place.

 image (10) - Copy

We had some delicious meals and ended up utilizing the BBQ at our hotel 3 nights too. I learned to swim underwater kindof and do a tennis serve. Bryan learned that sunblock should always go on the back of your neck and why the clearance rack at Barney’s Outlet is something to squeal over.

All in all, an educational and wonderful desert holiday!

Our Wedding: Makeup Edition

G’day gents.

And ladies :).

Today we shall discuss my wedding meekup, because really. What could be more important?

I realize for most, cosmetics are a frivolity. A necessary evil we need to achieve a certain amount of normalcy in our daily lives. A coat a’mascara, some skin-colored goop and it’s over.

But for me, makeup is more. WAY more.

It is the air I breathe. The sun upon my face (or maybe that’s just bronzer…). Call me what you will – believe me, Bryan has, but I just can’t get enough. So for me, the things I wore on my face for my wedding were a pretty big deal. And when things are a big deal to me, I tell YOU guys. The ones who get it. So without further adieu, here’s the rundown.


The night before my wedding I knew I wanted to do two separate masks. So I started by washing my face with Purity, and then I immediately applied the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask. I let that sit for maybe 10 minutes and then rinsed it off with warm water. Then I applied the Michael Todd Pumpkin Mask (which repulses me both in smell AND texture) and let that sit another ten minutes. After rinsing that off, I spritzed with Mario Bedascu Rosewater Spray and applied my Boots No.7 Lift & Luminate Night Cream. Lastly, I used the Tarte Maracuja Oil Eye Cream.

In the morning I rinsed my face with hot AND cold then applied rosewater spray and a Kate Somerville moisturizer with NO SPF. Under my eyes, I applied the Origins Ginzeng Eye Cream.


To start, I applied Hourglass primer all over my face and let that sink in. I then applied a generous amount of Makeup Forever HD Foundation in 20 all over my face using a damp Beauty Blender. After that, I sprayed a fine coat of Napoleon Perdis Boudoir Mist Foundation in shade 2 in segmented locations all over my face and waited 2 minutes to dry.

Under my eyes, I applied Bye Bye Undereye by It Cosmetics with the pointed end of the Beauty Blender in the upside down triangle formation. To set the under eye, I used Bobbi Brown’s Brightening Powder in Porcelain Pearl.

For eyes, I began by priming them with Primer Potion by Urban Decay. I then applied multiple smoky neutral colors from the Lorac Pro Palette to my eyelids and on my lower lash line. I used Mac’s Nylon as a highlight on the inner corner and my brow-bone. For eyeliner, I first used the Nars Larger Than Life Eye Pencil in Via Veneto. I topped that with the L’Oreal Carbon Black liquid liner and created a soft wing. I used the pencil eye liner along the bottom lash line and placed a Rimmel Scandal Eye Pencil in Nude in my lower-water line. *I also put tissues on my cheeks to catch any fall out from shadow or liner

Now, LASHES! I used a set of “Mink” (not sure these were real mink) lashes from Sephora on the top and then added multiple bunches in the Long length from Ardell on the outer half of my upper lid. I also applied a generous amount of They’re Real! Mascara by Benefit. On the bottom lashes, I first applied mascara and then added 4-5 bunches per eye of Ardell lashes in the Short length.

I hate doing my eyebrows. That just needs to be said. I used the Anastasia Brow Whiz in Ash Blonde and incorporated a tiny bit of dip brow into the equation. I set everything with brow gel of course.

Next, I used the Chanel Tan De Soleil bronzer lightly all over my face with a large brush and then I contoured using Benefit’s Hoola bronzer. On my cheeks, I wore the Tarte Captivating Blush and highlighted with a very light amount of Mac’s Soft and Gentle.

On my lips, I did the Mary Kay lip mask and then followed up with the NYX Primer Pencil. I first applied a Starlooks Peachy lip liner and then Mac Crème Cup (obvs) and topped that with a lip plumper from Victoria’s Secret in Baby Pink. Through out the day, I also applied the plumper as well as NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Streusel.

To set my face, I dusted the Celebration Illumination Foundation by It Cosmetics where I needed it and then added a nice coat of Urban Decay’s All-Nighter Setting Spray.

For my body, I contoured a teensy bit along my collar-bone with Hoola and added a very sheer shimmer powder to my décolletage. Then I sprayed myself with 14 gallons of Heavenly by VS because DUH.

Here I am with my best gals

And then I got married :).

* All photos courtesy of Allie Hannah Photography


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